Privacy Policy

We believe in privacy and information security, We are building an enthusiast & futuristic digital EdTech Community. Community members will be abiding with BCAPO rules by sharing trust and belief with an interest of responsible individual who is going to share the platform being friend, being parent, being teacher, being school admin, being college admin, preschool admin, principal, school and college founders.

Privacy towards the information of each and every individual who is going to connect with another individual in any form of segments like parents teachers friends and principal could should not disclose information in any form as it will be violation of rules on our product. (Can visit our terms page and can go through the violation)

Information We Collect


We collect information when you signup as an individual in anyform of segments (i.e. students, parent, teachers, principal, admin, founder, school, college, pre-school) we collect information in form of mobile numbers, email id, first and last name of individual, gender, school/college information where user is studying or have been studied at.


We collect information when you signup as an individual as mother, father, teacher, principal and founders (school and college) in form of First and Last Name, Gender, Company/Organization you are working at, Role of teachers assigned by school/college, Role of HOD assigned by school or college.

Pre-Schools, Schools and Colleges

Schools, Colleges and Pre-Schools Signups on our product either as Admin who is going to pass on the relevant information relative to the school/college. We collect information as First and Last Name of Admin who is enrolling school/college on our platform, Address of School/College, Kind of offerings by school/college (like in form of Diploma, UG and PG Courses that are being educated at school/college).

Why we collect information?

We believe in rights of the individual and rights to the community that selects an another individual to communicate, collaborate, network, learn and exchange views of opinions in right form as posts, comments, chat and updates.


Our primary focus to help students is to achieve the max exposure on our product by networking and learning with right individuals. Help your friend and parents search for you in right and accurate way with your presence on our platform.

We collect relevant information to help product, system and an individual to understand the engagement and connection of yours on our product is happening with right person from the known community section and segment on our product.

Further access and communication on our product is completely on you whether to accept or reject individuals request. We definitely tries to understand the communication eg. posts with friends, chat, making school/college friends, emergency raised in any form at any time brings in an additional form of security.

You will have rights to connect with your parents by their mobile and email id as mother and father individually for an additional guidance.

What all you engage on posts, comments and chat will not be visible to the parents as mother and father. But all you school or college related activities will be informational to your parents.


We collect your information to help your presence visible to your child and your established network on our product community members (school/college teachers, wife/husband and known friends) .

Your information is collected to fastrack you purchase and search history made on our product in relates to schools and colleges. We are using third party payment process where you will be abided by the rules in directly for purchase.


We collect your information to help your presence visible as parent to your family members and your teacher network established on our product.

Your information collected will be abided with our rules and our third party payment process which is going to support on transaction. We dont provide an access of information except name and card or transactional details that is required for purchase.


Your information is collected to help you being found and represented in the right form to the community members in various forms of search and categories on our product.

Your payment details will be captured with the name of institution where relevant product related transactions are going to be made in that specific account. Name of Admin/Principal will be collected as a role of communication provider.

‘Collect’ information should not be misused or could be contacted in any form that violates the rules of our product. Emergency. (This feature is exclusively available for our mobile App on Android and iOS only. This feature is unavailable while you or your network is accessing website; This feature will be lively accessible if you and all your networked individuals are online and on mobile app.)

It is one form of additional security provided by our product with an interest to get GEO localization support from the product community engagement that has been established by you. We dont guarantee medical or physical emergency support on this feature. Emergency feature is to bring your community closure to you at the earliest possibility by the product and the network system that is being used by you at that particular location. We will be surely improvising this section to an extent at each and every stage of product to bring in more clarity to the product with and additional strong support system for all our valuable community members.

We are partners in creating timely growth for every individuals being on our platform.

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