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The transition paradigms of today’s corporate world need a business to reinvent its digital transformation strategy with a proactive solution. To be relevant and equip yourself to the present eco system, is truly challenging, where different companies focus on other segments, Becapo only chooses the academic discipline which is the power of brilliance and can evolve the present education system into a sophisticated domain for self-development and individual furtherance. BCAPO means, “BEING”, and CAPO is an Italian word which means “leader or boss”; so, as the name suggests, BCAPO thrusts you to be a leader par excellence in the field of academy.

Our vision is to empower the education ecology in a unified way to enable heterogeneous talents to understand their right potentials and to collaborate with others in the system transparently, to mould themselves for the future generation.

Our distinctly different Ed tech platform and streamline process create an evocative path for success, and our solution is not only limited to the students, but also, we engage ambitious parents, educators and institutions from kindergarten to universities to have an effective communiqué in a greater panorama.

Bcapo app delivers the best collaborative unique solution to uncover insights of every talented individual, parents and teachers to achieve a sustainable conglomerate development. Our solution is based on a need right from monitoring a child in emergency to engagement with friends, teachers and institutions, for disciplined execution of peer to peer communication. We have an experienced team who has a sound understanding of the technical and infrastructural issues related to the humungous nature of Ed-tech domain. We offer high safeguards for each communication so that there will be transparency in all sorts of communication and engagements according to defined guidelines and parameters. The secured verification together with services like searching better institutions, coaching, projects and more just let you enjoy taking pride in the best in class and growing steadily.

Our tailored business strategies link all the members of Bcapo in a single collaborative method. As an individual, you can log in to the system as a student or parent or teacher or mentor and explore your requirement for further communication with having intelligent thoughts and ideas. BCapo will responsibly take you the right place where you will be able to find your own anticipation. Our app allows you to update the progress in the respective field and trail your friends on your network, while the parents and teachers can get their updates, activities and shared interests.

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Students Being a member of BCAPO, you can spend quality time with like-minded individuals who can guide you in your achievement and help you to accomplish your aspiration. You can discover new friends and connect with them through the app, and thus expand your network and know the latest courses, technologies and market demands. Thus, it will help you to know the future prospect and your deciding factors for career objective. With parent-student close engagement, this will help you to express your prime concern to stay competitive in the complex Indian education system. Your proactive development will be measured through peer communication.

Kindergarten/School/College As an institutional head, you can use BCAPO app as a common forum to understand one’s concern, focus on the specific field, churn out your new thoughts that can lead your students to a new height of success. With your new or upcoming courses, you can make them aware of its importance and business goals, not only that you can share your institution’s objectives and roles to the attentive parents who are always focused on their children’s activities and development. Unquestionably, the Bcapo app is a right tool for exertive collaboration and smarter engagement with teachers, students and parents. Any last-minute changes in the curriculum or exam pattern can be informed to the students and parents, which will definitely be helpful to all. The other important aspect is that the app will allow an institution to collect fees through a common transactional site to avoid any discrimination of paying different fees physically. Well-nigh, Bcapo app can be termed as a data driven online school management system which can seamlessly integrate data digitally

Parents/Teachers/Principal We understand your priority while considering a student’s overall improvement. As you are the most valuable member of a student’s personal development, our aim is to make your active involvement to the peer to peer communication not only with your children but also with their mentors or counselors or teachers. Your engagement will help to foster their academic management.

Bcapo app will also provide you the fastest and affordable solution to find the best place for your child’s education or extracurricular activities, when you transfer or migrate to other states. Most of the times, it becomes a cumbersome task for the parents to find the suitable institution. Our one stop solution will help them to admit their children to the proper place with positive feedbacks and ratings of an institution. Any positive review of an institute definitely enhances the importance and values of an organization. Even as a parent, you can give a feedback of an institute or a coaching center, so that other parents can take a decision for their children whether they would continue with those institutes. As a whole, BCAPO platform is a placeholder for the parents to evaluate an institute’s ranking.

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Piyush Pandya



Being In-charge of Strategies, Product UX & UI for Mobile App (iOS & Android), Web App, Branding, Advertising & Marketing Activities.

Piyush have 8 years of exp. working as Sr. UX Lead for products, startups & service industry by serving domestic and international clients and projects. In the year 2015 Piyush was felicitated with Behance Award for best portfolio reviewed by Behance Team.

Venkateswara Rao



In-charge of brand, performance & App Marketing activities across platforms.

Venkateswara Rao has an experience of 9 years as a Marketing Manager. MoM growth on transactions from website & app by exploiting all the available social media channels. Specialized in capturing market audiences like B2B & B2C. Venkateswara Rao has worked with service and product based organizations.