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Empowering new age skills with the power of Communication, Collaboration, Networking, Learning & Opportunities.

Safe . Simple . Effective . Free . Care

We appreciate your presence on BCAPO®, One of the finest edtech App for education lifecycle.

You can share BCAPO® story with your network.

Admin, Principal & Founder’s all in one platform.

BCAPO® offers an engagement experience of communication and collaboration within the community at School/College. Amazingly It’s Free!

Student’s Safety

Child's safety is our top priority and we are simplifying it for school/college authority to reach their parents in certain urgency by just single tap on BCAPO® App.

Advancement & Enhancement

Lifeline of the industry, Teachers will be onboarded to the platform with pre-screened profiles.

Enhancement with regular updates to teachers, parents and students seamlessly with individual role specific.

Promotion, Recruitment & Performance Visibility.

Promoting schools & colleges to the aspiring students / parents in a seamless way with multiple featured options.

Finding right teachers and applications invite made easy. Screening profile for teachers and students are seamless.

Fees Payment, Reminder & Record

Managing and reminding parents on Fees made extremely simpler and exclusive with record and confirmation of history.

Power to School/College profile.

Unlock your potential BCAPO® profile for Free on completion of 1 year, This will help you to achieve special guidance & learning from professionals in industry. Direct access to BCAPO® AI Platform.

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Enhance new age skill communication, collaboration, networking, learning & create opportunities for your education lifecycle.

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