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Empowering new age skills with the power of Communication, Collaboration, Networking, Learning & Opportunities.

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We appreciate your presence on BCAPO®, One of the finest edtech App for education lifecycle.

You can share BCAPO® story with your network.

Real time engagement with your child.

Developing emotional engagement and concern for your child's safety, learning, performance and regular updates of their schools & colleges.

There is an opportunity with your BCAPO® profile to help your child to have a slight digital shift from major distracting social networks.

Child’s school classroom activitities & updates.

Never miss paying fees in time and keeping the records for all your needs with reminder option.

Regular updates on classroom activities and events at school/college for your child to help you keep informed.certification in life goes unnoticed, Now you have the power to express.

Exclusive multifunctional features.

Providing opportunity to exchange classroom activities directly with students and parents through Classroom feature.

Take attendance promptly.

Allowing teachers to apply for leaves.

Never miss opportunity on your role.

Power of responding to parents & student on classroom activities without disclosing contact information via chat.

Maximising opportunities on personal profile enhancement & development.

Never miss an update being on leave with updates from school/college activities.

Leadership & Recruitment

Leads a responsible growth towards the organization with monitoring and giving the right guidance to all the members.

Recruit & on-board teachers with pre-screening the potentials of the specific subject.

Performance & Admission Procedure.

Improvising school and college brand activities with great controls on actions through exclusive advertisements.

Invite admission applications for free from student & parent exclusively through their BCAPO® pre-screened profile.

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Enhance new age skill communication, collaboration, networking, learning & create opportunities for your education lifecycle.

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