BCAPO® is a modern day EdTech application enhancing online education life-cycle at Schools & Colleges.

Making life simpler for GenZ Students, Parents, Teachers, Founders, Principal & Admin.

Safe . Simple . Effective . Free . Caring

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#1 Online Unified Digital Education Ecosystem

Enhance new age skill communication, collaboration, networking, learning & create opportunities for your education lifecycle.

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Build community, creative engagement & manage with ease.
Reliable network & learning opportunity with new age skills.
Engage with all day to day school activities being anywhere.

Exclusive features to enhance digital collaboration

Paperless Work

Digital Happiness

One on One Chat

Safety For Your Child

Accessing App Remotely

Only School Friends

Great Parenting Zone

Exclusive Teachers Profile

Broader Collaboration

Right Notifications

Classroom Activity

Attendance Visibility

Save Important Documents

Share Documents Securely

Fast Technical Support

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Exclusive upcoming features

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AI Predictive System

Playing Sports

Creating Opportunities

International University Relations

Forums & Discussion Platform

Promotion, News & Benefits.

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Just An Overview

Building community on #BeingLeader #BeingYou

Transforming an education ecosystem.

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