Product Highlights

This website is the demo web presentation of the product and soon we are going to replace this with the product web application where user will have multiple options on engagement via different platforms.

Who is going to connect?

Student, Parents, Teachers, Counselors, Institutes, Schools, Colleges, Playgroups

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Is this product free?

Yes absolutely this product is free for all, we do have paid options for executive services.

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What is special about?

Bcapo ensures confidence, collaboration, strength & multiple opportunities via prime features

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Platform Highlights

Great user experience with elegant ui is created to bring the fun, uniqueness, clean engagement on our platform via different operating systems and different devices. One thing we can say before launch is surely users are going to love it.

Mobile App - Android Platform

A great experience that is worked considering google material design to bring the right interaction for all our user with different age groups.

Mobile App - iOS Platform

Seamless experience with the right interaction and great behavior for all our users on this platform with different age groups.

Mobile Web and Website

We are going to have seamless experience of the product engagement via this platform by having great access for multiple work scalability for all users.

Soon we will also be launching the LITE version.